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This post is quite special as Discal and I have been friends since Myspace days as he joined next dimension music as one of the first producers on the label in 2005 and always remaining a vital part of the ndmdigital universe to this day.

so without further ado please enjoy this special track by track review of

cosmic collection 03


joseph "dj dimension" mercado

1) megamen -Yo Shorty ft Big Ro (Discal Remix)

Discal graciously opted out reviewing his own remix which DJ Voyr states "sometimes in life you get the chance to sit back and watch and hear gifts of sounds emit from a being, this "being" is Discal.

2) Alpha International - World Love: A bright and dubby themed Electronic rendition of Love To The World by L.T.D. at an energetic tempo. Disco House for the decks!

3) Camiel Daamen - Glow: Minimal yet moving. This number is a dreamy venture into a scene of deep creamy drums with glowy bubbles of synth all under a galactic ambience.

4) QUBIQ feat Dez - Dance Boogie Get Down (Club Mix): Dancing is the way to orbit around this tune. An overall retro Euro Dance vibe with some straight, down on the dancefloor lyrics to match.

5) Juantrakmind - Dance Machine HousedelaFunk: A horny hyperdrive down the galaxy with enough drums & bass to power up any late night set. Surely will keep you dancing 'round and 'round in this dance machine.

6) John Cacciatore - Desparados Desire: Nunca has aterrizado en una selva extraterrestre? Ethereal House with Latino chants and a combo of Tribal drums to keep you sane in the wilderness, this numero has the mix of elements needed. Para los Latinos del Mundo!

7) Terry G - Thunder Rolls: Deep, but at a bouncy tempo. A spacey mood driven by stabs of thunderous synths, relentless drums, and floatey vox lines. Works for both day & night, depending on what side of a planet you're orbiting at!

8) The Stoned - When You're Lovin' Me: Build up your Funk torque, and ramp up to that escape velocity. A perfect transition track that's goes hard, but is vocally & melodically deep 'n' droney enough for your party (or lovin') pleasures.

9) Jeff Haze - Pump: Pulsing with tempo, and infused with off-world sounds. Straight House vibe through playful drumwork on a percussive base. Sure! Humans hearts still Pump even out in space.

10) Vinny Vega - Midnight: A colourful nocturnal piece bordering on dreamy, but quite awake. This track is creative, intriguing, and neatly put together without veering off-course. Defo keeps your ship in phase!

11) DJ Voyr - Bailadores (Si Se Puede Mix): Deep af with latin percussion and snappy snare fills. Imagining vibing in a UFO with flashes of a human voice in the back of your mind saying "Bailadores". Black-Hole type beats!

12) DURTAY - Back on the Boogie: Breaking into an atmosphere ain't easy, but this BreakBeat will get you through, until it punctures into House with an Electro/Acid flip. And "BACK" again you go up into space.

13) Healing Drum - Shipp'er: Deep-Tech, immaculately computerized. Just like the darkness of space, this banger will have your helmet shaking with thoughts. So, if you feel lost in this atmospheric madness, just let the 4/4 keep you technically stable and locked in.

14) Deep Hertz - Gypsy Love (William Rosario's Sunset Remix): Into the night New-York drumworks over an exotic layer Maqam Dasht vox. Driving bass, and excellent percussive elements. William Rosario takes us deep into the cosmos with his Latino-Eastern remix.

15) Random Stylz - Stylz Space: Big-Room Breaks with nostalgic vocal drops, and then comes a funky evolution with electric bass and guitars. These cuts are unique on this compilation, and they surely colorize the album!

16) DJ Dimension - Blunt Drifter: The collection comes full circle with DJ Dimension's amazing production on this drifting Down-Tempo masterpiece. Wide enough like the cosmos, yet as tight as lazer beam. Syncopated with synthetic stabs, and an array of acoustic elements under a perfectly swinging groove.

All in all, another Cosmic Collection (PUN INTENDED) from in all colours of Electronic. It's virtually impossible not to like any of the tracks, so you'll be in for a real-meal-deal out in space.

A Cosmic shout-out to the whole cosmic collection roster from Adel A.R. Jamal a.k.a. Ace_of_DiscaL!!!

cosmic collection 03

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