DJ VoyR talks about cassettes and his new mix on ndmradio !

Greetings and salutations,

Today I will be unveiling a new project I have started and hope to grow it with the help and feedback of my peers in the culture. The project starts with music of course and ALL things eclectic from the tried and true catalog of next dimension music .

This mix was fueled by my listening to a lot of club hits and anthems of the late 80s early 90s this past weekend and it revealed an idea to showcase, just how forward thinking ndmdigital music and the brand is. They are always right on the cutting edge of "breaking through" sounds and ideas. The tracks were picked in the old school fashion of whatever track my fingers landed on is what I played. The music is truly symbiotic, in that it comes from eclectic sounds and tempos of creative minds, becoming a mutually beneficial relationship for not only the music but listener AND presenter. I hope you enjoy it and share the vibe with someone(s) and continue to help this movement grow in truth.

Mix track list:

1. Random Stylz - Stylz Space - (original mix)

2. Joseph Mercado - Liquid Luna

3. Alpha International - In the Lounge

4. Brandon Michael - Crush feat. J-Murk (Raul Reina classic vocal mix)

5. Discal - Turban Warrior feat Arshi (Agent Matteo jackbeats mix)

6. John Cacciatore - Desparados Desire

7. Order of the Muffin - Lost

8. Alpine Son - Gap in the Wine wall (traxsource edition - original mix)

9. DJ VoyR - Microdotted - (Loved out mix)

ndmdigital radio #11

Infared Soundscapes Edition


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Now for some random info that caught my attention and thought it cool enough to share......


I read some interesting posts on this subject from Forbes" Alex Ledsom read post here as well as Lyndsey Havens from Billboard read post here. This is exciting news for old school folk like me as well as those embracing the culture in todays society, looking to bring back the cool s*** lol. Check out this dope video from BBCnews just a few days ago!

Be on the lookout for some limited edition cassette tapes and other forms of audiophile goodies from ndmdigital in the near future!

Would love to hear if you would be interested in being on the shortlist of persons who will have these items available to them when released.

Well that is it for the moment. Enjoy the mix, enjoy the random knowledge and most importantly ENJOY life!



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