ndmdigital radio hits the streets! (actually a dope Phoenix warehouse)


Hope all is well with you and your journey through the created universe.

We at ndmdigital radio had the privilege of working with MSPSglobal event solutions this past week and it was a blast!

MSPSglobal is a next level event coordinator and production studio in Phoenix AZ. The technology and equipment they have at their disposal, rivals that of Hollywood! (seriously, they use some of the same caliber equipment Disney uses on The Mandolorian!).

We had the opportunity to share our curated sounds and created a vibe that was fun, laidback and interactive, so the people that were involved in this event, could network with others, focus on their projects or just sit back and enjoy the energy.

The first talents I came across were Jena Jerome and Paulina Milligan.

These women are absolutely fearless and talented artists/aerial performers. They were flying around and spinning things like Mary Poppins was a ninja! They were fun to watch work and super cool people to meet.

2 bands were using the soundstage as backgrounds for upcoming music videos. Violet Choir was 1st and they have an amazing full and deep sound and dope singer. We were totally diggin their future-retro sound.

Then , The Aussie Americanos took the stage and turned the amp to 11!

These guys rocked the heck outta that stage and really put on a dope show. Super energetic and really passionate about their music. I Look forward to hearing more great things from these talented people.

Thank you to MSPSglobal for allowing us to share our sounds and vibe with your clients and to all the talent we met, thank you for being cool people and we look forward to being able to work with each and every one of you guys!


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