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    ndmdigital teams up with America’s #1 CBD Company – Diamond CBD. From edibles such as gummies, cake pops and honey sticks to oils, vape additives, dabs, creams, an entire line of pet CBD products and beyond, Diamond CBD produces over 1,000 CBD products.




    • What is CBD

    CBD is a natural constituent of hemp that has been shown to have positive health benefits, without causing psychoactive effects.

    CBD-rich hemp provides a legal alternative to medical marijuana and allows the consumer to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the risk of getting high.

    Since CBD has no psychoactive effect, it is an excellent option for people seeking the benefits of cannabis products without breaking federal law or risking impairment


    • CBD Health Benefits

    Help Treat Diabetes

    Anxiety Relief

    Neuroprotective benefits

    Reduce Cigarette Cravings

    Joint Pain treatment


    • Why Diamond CBD?

    Every supplement we produce is 100% natural CBD. We use trusted, high quality sources and advanced extraction processes for our cannabidiol.

    • Safe and Legal

    Our products are legal across all fifty states, USA-made, and produced with federally-legal Cannabidiol (CBD).


    • Harvest from partner farms

    Non-GMO organically-grown plants are manually selected with careful precision, then gently harvested and dried under the most optimal conditions. We work with farms from Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia

    • Quality Check our Ingredients

    Our raw materials are quality tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

    • Perform Supercritical CO2 Extraction

    Supercritical Extraction is the most gentle approach to extract high quality CBD, which retains the naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant.


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