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copyright ndmdigital LLC
copyright ndmdigital LLC

ndmcomix is a comic book series imagined and created by Joseph "DJ Dimension"  Mercado,. the series delves into the untold history of underground electronic music legends DJ Big Will and DJ Dimension. These two characters transform into superhero DJs called MegaMen, with the mission to defend the underground music scene and restore Ghetto Soul throughout the ndm universe . Their formidable opponent is a powerful enemy from the EDM void and cast of adversaries brought to life by illustrator Salim “Creation80'' Adair whose  eclectic art works have been featured on murals throughout the Phoenix area, encodes Ghetto Soul  with his Surrealist Pop Art style. The series has gained recognition and acclaim, with ndmcomix #1 winning the "Artist Choice" award at the BAM! Comic Book Inspired exhibit in Goodyear, Arizona. In 2022, the second issue of ndmcomix was celebrated with a live performance by the MegaMen at the Phoenix Fan Fusion Anime Rave. 


Beyond the pages of the comic book series, ndmcomix has become a source of inspiration and empowerment for others. Joseph "DJ Dimension" Mercado conducts "Creative Dimension DJ workshops" in collaboration with  Boys & Girls Club, Free Arts of AZ and other organizations throughout the Phoenix area. Through these workshops, he spreads the message of creative healing and inspiring youth to BE MEGA !!! 

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